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Stories will be published in Retki, the leading Finnish outdoor magazine

The journey begins in August 2019

1.8.2019 Logistics center, Ranua, Finland

All the preparations for the Year Outdoors-project are complete and the long journey is about to begin. Huge amounts of food and gear are packed in plastic or cardboard. Full backpack is waiting on the doorstep. My regular citylife is stuffed in a small warehouse. Soon phone and internet are also put away for at least a few months. It feels strange to have so little to worry about.

I feel calm and peaceful although I’m facing a year of  drifter’s life with little knowledge of days, weeks and months to come. Not to mentions the huge decrease in the material standard of living. However, a hard bed, dirty clothes and occasional hunger, cold and loneliness are a small price to pay for such a great nature experience. Furthermore, I get a chance to live a whole year the way I want, where I want.

After years of planning and training and time consuming preparations I have finally reached this strange point. Of course I haven’t reached it alone and therefore I want to thank all the people that have been helping me along the way.

The first story about the project  will be published in the Finnish outdoor magazine Retki number 8/19, unfortunately only in finnish. I’ll see if I can later write a summary in English. 

Everything’s ready and there’s no hurry to anywhere anymore. I’ll be soon in northern Norway starting this adventure. Before that I have to enjoy sauna as much as I can since it might take a long time to get another chance! All rights reserved.