Retki, the leading finnish outdoor magazine has published a few of my articles about recent longer hiking projects. For me this has been one motivator in pushing my hiking and writing interests forward. The collaboration will continue with the “Year Outdoors”-project. There will be one article concentrating on the preparations of the journey and four more about the actual journey. Hiking with the number one outdoor media in the country makes me feel proud and inspired!

Fjällräven is known for its high quality trekking gear. My favorite it the Kajka-backpack, which currently serves as my warmest piece of gear when hiking on foot. During winter Keb Expedition Down jacket provides warmth for short brakes between skiing intervals as well as for camping under the starry sky. Besides quality Fjällräven is also known for using environmentally friendly and ethically produced materials and methods. I find this really important in modern trekking gear and therefore I’m very happy and thankful for the support Fjällräven has provided to the Year Outdoors- project!

During colder seasons Nokian Kaira and Naali rubberboots are an outstanding fit for my longer hikes. The boots are of course warm for the feet but the best thing is the detachable felt linings. After a long and sweaty day on skis it is a pure joy to take of the boots, remove the linings and socks and set all those wet things near the camp fire and just watch the evil moisture vaporize. Furthermore, the linings can also be used as an extra insulation in the sleeping bag. Finally, with the traditional ski bindings one can also use the Nokian boots as primary skiing shoes. Both me and my toes thank Nokian Footwear for their support!

When starting my solo-hike career years ago, I wanted to find a tent that I could rely on in all conditions. After trying different brands and models I ended up with Hilleberg Nammatj 2. From the very first night I really felt that this tent was designed in the field and not in some downtown coffee shop. After so many nights in the tent I’m still more than happy about my decision. To further add functionality and reduce weight and volume when backpacking, I’m adding Hilleberg Soulo to my gear list. I expect it to perform just as wonderfully as my beloved Nammatj. I thank Hilleberg for their support to the Year Outdoors- project!

Bergans is quite a new brand in my gear list. This traditional Norwegian manufacturer has got me convinced with their high-quality materials and worksmanship as well as though-out design. Threrefore I’m adding shell clothes from Bergans’ Slingsby -series to my gear list. A Warm, water- and windproof yet breathing thank you to Bergans for their support!

Rab is a new acquaitance in my spectrum of gear. They are known for their high quality sleeping bags that have gone up and down the mountains all over the world. On my hike I will have to go on for weeks in the wildernesses with no outside support. Therefore high insulation together with light weight and packability are core features of sleeping bags for me. These qualities are especially important during late fall when conditions can get really cold and one still has to carry everything in the backpack. Rab’s Mythic 600– and Andes 800– bags have very impressive qualities on paper. After some field testing these pieces of gear have even exceeded my expectations. Thank you Rab for your warm support!

When pulling a heavy sledge in the snow, keeping yourself warm is rarely an issue. But when you stop for a break sweaty clothes make you vulnerable to the lurking cold around you. For me the discovery of merino wool made winter hiking significantly more pleasant. The material breaths and insulates also when moist. Furthermore, it feels comfortable on the skin and often dries on when setting up the camp. Nowadays I use merino wool garments whenever hiking in chilly conditions.
 Along with longer hiking projects I have learned to favor Devold’s products because of their high quality and performance. Almost all of my first and second layer garments are from Devold’s Breeze, Hiking and Expedition collections. Devold is probably one of the most well known and appreciated outdoor manufacturers out there and therefore I’m very proud of and thankful for their support to the Year Outdoors-project! All rights reserved.


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