Hi! I’m Erno, a longtime hiking enthusiast from the city of Oulu, northern Finland. Since early childhood I’ve been very eager to spend time outdoors hiking, skiing, fishing, hunting, picking berries and so on. Over the years I have found an ever-growing passion for long distance solo hikes in the vast wildernesses of northern Scandinavia. My longest journey so far lasted 81 days during which I covered about 900km on foot. Now, on my early 30’s, I’m planning my greatest wilderness adventure yet. My favorite grounds in terms of hiking lie around the treeline among the fjells far from any trails, roads or any signs of civilization for that matter. I enjoy old forests, untouched marshes and harsh fjells all alike. The more versatile and primitive the environment the better. Especially areas with great fishing opportunities get my attention. My favorite regions can be found in northern Norway and northeastern parts of Finland. 

During the last years I have also found a growing interest to write and photograph on my journeys. A few of my articles about longer hikes have been published in Retki, a finnish outdoor magazine. A few years ago I wrote  a blog  about long distance hiking (in Finnish). Photos from my previous trips can be found in the Gallery-section.

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Contact: erno@vuodenvaellus.fi

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